We strive to continue to deliver safe investments with virtuous returns to our investors.

The medical office sector is one that remains essential in all economic environments and with the proper strategy our goals continue to be achieved.

What is Highgate’s investment criteria?

  • Value-add medical office buildings with either below market rents, need of equity infusions, or physician owned assets
  • REIT assets that are either legacy or do not fit their core model
  • 60%+ economic occupancy
  • WALT (weighted average lease term) of 3+ years
  • $5,000,000 plus in acquisition pricing
  • On or close proximity to hospital campus
  • High trafficked medical corridors
  • Top 100 MSA’s

How does Highgate pursue acquisitions?

As one of the most active sub-institutional medical office buyers in the Southeast, Highgate has earned a reputation of a fair and honest buyer that has over a 95% record of assurance to close.  Through our vast physician relationships and brokerage networks, Highgate is typically on the front-end of looks for a deal opportunity prior to a public broadcast.  Our team of acquisition specialists and in-house brokers gives us a leg up on the competition.

Why Medical Office?

Highgate’s two principals started their careers as investment sales brokers for over 15 years each respectively.  Through the lens of an investment sales broker they were able to hone in on what key strategies and core deal points were needed in order to make a prudent and high upside investment.  The niche of sub-institutional medical office has been one of abundant success for Highgate and one that they feel has long been overlooked.  With uncertain economic times, the medical office sector has been as close to a non-wavering asset class as there can be.  With the Baby Boomers population forecast to double over the next three decades, the medical office asset class becomes ever more essential.